Southeast view from Five Finger Point towards Red Hill early evening/September 2003
Rocky cove of Five Finger Point - East Rattlesnake in background late afternoon/September 2003
Northwest view from Little Yard Island early morning/September 2003
Little Duck Island late afternoon/September 2003
Twigs Island early morning/July 2003
Sabine Point - Eagle Cliff in background mid-afternoon/September 2003
Northeast view from north end of Kimball Island late afternoon/September 2003

Just northwest of Lake Winnipesaukee in the "lakes region" of central New Hampshire, Big Squam and Little Squam cover over 7000 acres combined and are connected natural lakes with 64 miles of shoreline and 30 islands.

Identifying with the Squam Lakes Conservation Society mission and having life long ties to the lake and surrounding areas, these images represent a long-term project and contribution to the SLCS that strives to illustrate land holdings, or views from land holdings, for which the SLCS currently has responsibility.